January 5th, 2011

Golf Channel, WFG Hit the Fantasy Links

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

It might not look like golf weather outside for many of us, but it is in fact golf season.

With the Hyundai Tournament of Champions set to open Thursday, The Golf Channel introduced this week its Fantasy Challenge.

“The Golf Channel reached out to World Fantasy Games to create an innovative, fun and easy-to-play game for their viewers and Web followers,” said WFG CEO Jeff Thomas. “It has been a very productive, collaborative effort since day one and the result is a unique and engaging game.”

The game simply asks you to select three golfers at the beginning of each tournament, earning points when they win money in the tournament. In addition to the full-season version of the game, the Golf Channel will also award prizes to the winners in each of three season segments (Kick-Off, Spring and Summer) and weekly at the end of each tournament — allowing users to join at any time.

The Golf Channel also promises to pit a panel of its experts against those playing the game, with analysis and promotion carrying over from the GC website to its broadcasts.

Golf can often prove a fairly niche fantasy sport, but the ease of this setup caters to players at any level, while the format allows those who might only follow the majors to place their focus there. Of course, the biggest benefit of fantasy can often be the fact that it gives fans a reason to care about games or events in which they might not otherwise be personally invested.

Thomas sees plenty of potential for benefit in this case.

“We think it’s going to be a hit and break all records for participation when compared to past games from the Golf Channel,” he said.