August, 2008

FSB Daily 8/30: FF Consultant, One-Hitters

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

A roundup of recent posts on the FSB News page.

- Ohio’s Nathan Zegura quit his job to become a “fantasy football consultant.”

- Fantasy football finds a strong following in Major League Baseball clubhouses.

- Fantasy Baseball Hall of Fame takes a look at the game’s version of Chumbawumba — the fantasy one-hit wonders.

- Mike Leach and his Texas Tech players don’t seem to feel exploited by fantasy college football.


Your Opinion on College Fantasy is Wrong

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

I began to merely pass along the link to this op-ed piece from the Los Angeles Times on the News page, but I just have more to say in response than the format of that page allows.

The item, which ran in Saturday’s editions, was written by Maryland university system chancellor William E. Kirwan and SMU president R. Gerald Turner — who also serve as co-chairs of the NCAA’s Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics. This haughty pair used the platform to actually state, “We believe that the creation of college sports fantasy leagues, if unchecked, is a step toward undermining the NCAA’s bedrock amateurism principles.”


Multi-millionaire coaches. A multi-billion-dollar television contract for the main post-season basketball tournament, a made-for-TV event that had to pay millions in damages to the NIT recently for violating antitrust laws by requiring teams to accept bids rather enter another tournament. Conference-specific television networks. Deep-pocketed boosters given special access to teams and players. A tiered bowl system that ensures the more prominent football conferences keep making the big money. Jerseys sold bearing the numbers of popular current players, including on the NCAA’s own website.

And it’s a few fantasy contests that will take the “bedrock amateurism” out of college sports. Give me a freakin’ break.

Maybe college fantasy leagues will also drive college students to begin binge drinking or lead to some prominent athletes getting easier class schedules.

You college decisionmakers have much more important things to worry about. Put some energy into them.

Share/Save/Bookmark Seems to Miss Mark

Friday, August 29th, 2008

The new site claims to offer “all things sports related,” including scores, news feeds and video content. It also brings a sports-specific social network called

Those two areas seem to be getting pretty saturated in the current market and were already pretty well populated by players that have been around for a while anyway. I can’t say that I see much that makes the site unique at this point.

My real problem with SLC’s launch announcement, though, is its misinterpretation of fantasy sports. Although the press release specifically mentions catering to fantasy players, this line makes it obvious that the site doesn’t really get our industry: “SLC has also met the needs of fantasy gamers by providing the latest insight on the game from leading oddsmakers, sports celebrities and current athletes.”

I’m interested in “insight” from exactly none of those three groups when trying to set my lineups, and the inappropriate connection of oddsmakers with fantasy players occurs more than once.

We’ll see how the site does, and I certainly don’t wish it ill. The opening just doesn’t look very strong to me.


FSB Daily 8/28: College Football, Fantasy Fun

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

A roundup of recent posts on the FSB News page.

- Plenty of auction-drafters on have relearned the importance of paying attention while you draft.

- Not only is Satan at the center of nearly all fantasy football controversies, but I’m also pretty sure he’s responsible for Warren Sapp getting a TV deal.

- The NCAA doesn’t appear to have accepted CBS’ naming of players in its fantasy college football game.

- This simultaneously creative and insane concept combines eight sports into a single fantasy league.

- How does your god stack up in fantasy terms?

- Forget about whether he can lead the free world. Can Barack Obama show up for his league’s fantasy football draft?

- Some people not only hate fantasy but get really stupid about it.

- Former Rotohog senior VP Scott Philp has moved on to Play Hard.

- Macworld magazine offers a critique of the new fantasy football tools available to iPhone users.

- At least one newspaper has noticed that more women are starting to play fantasy sports.

- Registrants in the World Championship of Fantasy Football this year will get a free entry into’s salary-cap fantasy football contest.

- More Big Ten fans will get to see the conference’s network this season.