Flea Flicker’s Future Unclear After All

When Sporting News and AOL recently rolled out their joint content outlet, the new site contained no link to FleaFlicker.com. That raised some questions about the AOL-owned fantasy-games engine, but the site remains live and free standing at FleaFlicker.com.

FSB checked in with AOL and was told by Diedre Ayers, senior manager of corporate communications, that “Flea Flicker was not part of the SN deal and will remain separate.”

That made sense to us and seemed to answer any questions, until the following exchange from the Flea Flicker forums (say that three times fast) was pointed out on Monday:

FantasyGuru1965: “Is there any word on the fate of the FleaFlicker site? Will there be a complete 2011 season?”

fleafounder: “No decision has been made yet but I hope to know more next week.”

One can logically deduce from the profile page that “fleafounder” is creator Ori Schwartz, who debuted his site in 2006 and sold it to AOL in April 2008.

We’ll see if there’s more to be gleaned from this situation right now, but it appears that the recent shuffling of AOL Sports — which included the cutting of Fanhouse — might not be done.


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