December 6th, 2010

FSB Daily 12/6: Workplace, Drogba, RotoHog, Fanball

Monday, December 6th, 2010

A roundup of items recently posted on the FSB News page.

- The most recent surveys have reportedly said that even though workers are checking in on their fantasy teams on the job, human resources departments don’t see any negative impact on productivity. The article also says that about one-fifth of employers block fantasy sites, while another one-fifth ask employees to limit time spent on fantasy.

- Is Didier Drogba the U.K.’s version of Maurice Jones-Drew, speaking directly to fans about his impact on fantasy “football”? (And what is his real name when you unscramble the letters?)

- An item we saw a while back but failed to pass along: RotoHog has split its operation to shift the B2B portion of its business under the new heading of Fastpoint Games.

- We’ve had a few inquiries recently and see a few rumors on the Web about Fanball “shuttering” it’s blog network, so we checked around. The network is still active, as one can see by visiting the Fanball homepage or member outlets such as was told that the remaining blogs primarily belong to people who have other roles with Fanball, while deals with individual outlets were separately settled. We were unable to get official word on the subject from Fanball.

- Papa John’s announced last week the five finalists in its promotion selecting the top fantasy football league in the country. The winner will be decided by some combination of public voting via Facebook and a panel led by Chargers tight end Antonio Gates and Matthew Berry. (As far as we’re concerned, the honor shouldn’t go to anyone other than the Kings X leagues created by Andy Mousalimas — a story that has been delayed around here by the hustle of football season but that will still be told in further detail.)

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