May 6th, 2010

FFOC Announcement Coming Soon

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Since the end of the Fantasy Football Open Championship’s second season, has heard some negative rumors about the operation and some significant doubts about its continuation in 2010. We’ve held back on posting anything about it here because confirmation and even specific information from 2009 players have been hard to come by.

It turns out, there might be a pretty good reason why we didn’t hear more.

In a Wednesday post on the FFOC message boards, co-owner Stan Misthios said he’s been under a “gag of silence” this off-season and that the FFOC will be announcing something in the next few days.

His full post reads:

FFOC players,

It has been an interesting off season for the FFOC, and it is nice to finally have the ‘gag of silence’ removed and be able to reach out to you with this brief message.

Various ‘negotiations’ prevented myself, or any of my other partners at FFOC from publicly addressing that which was going on behind the scenes. Its feels good to be able to speak to all of you again. I will be back on this board and on my blog in just a few short days to address the future of the contest, and the 2010 season.

The nature of this post would seem to point to some change in the ownership and/or operation of the event that will allow it to move forward. If the “future” were simply going to be it’s ending, it would seem odd to tease that announcement ahead of time — especially with a relatively rosy post.

We’ll see, of course, what is actually happening as soon as that information is made public. Whatever happens with the contest that jumped out by awarding fantasy football’s first million-dollar prize should be interesting.

For what it’s worth, Misthios did provide a few other details later in that thread in replies to other posters:

In response to comment that the FFOC appeared to be under Fanball control: “FFOC still a property of Poised To Stomp.”

Explaining why he has been unable to speak out: “FFOC is not a sole proprietorship, so I had to respect the wishes of my partners.”

In response to a consumer’s concerns about trusting a contest to pay out winnings:”Yes, there was an issue about money, but it was NOT about money the way you might be thinking, or are referring to. I can’t give those details at this exact time, but in time I will.”


NFFC Announces 2010 Plans

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Earlier this week, Tom Kessenich of Fanball and the National Fantasy Football Championship announced via Facebook the 2010 sites and offerings for the NFFC.

Live drafts for the main event (NFFC Classic) will take place in Las Vegas, Chicago and New York City on Saturday, Sept. 4. Entry fee for that will remain $1,400, with a $100,000 top prize.

Other events will include:

- Auction Championship Leagues to draft the Friday before the main event

- NFFC Primetime, which offers a smaller buy-in ($850) and $50,000 grand prize, and will take place the night of Sept. 4

- Ultimate, Super and Diamond (new) private leagues to draft the following weekend in Las Vegas only

Check the NFFC website for further details.