January 8th, 2010

FSTA Needs a New Manager

Friday, January 8th, 2010

No, that isn’t the official FSB.com review of the job Justin Cleveland is doing …

After a little more than two years on the job, Cleveland is resigning his post as manager of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, effective at the end of January. He’s leaving the FSTA for “a mix of teaching and admissions” work for Globe University.

“While I love the work that I have done over the last two years with the FSTA I feel like my calling is in the education arena, and so I am going to try my hand there,” Cleveland told FSB.com.

Since becoming the FSTA’s initial hire for the position created back in fall 2007, Cleveland has overseen such items as recruitment of new association members and oversight of the annual awards process. His most visible role has probably been that of organizer and caretaker for the semiannual trade conferences.

Over his two years in a rapidly growing and still young industry, Cleveland said the most significant change he has noticed has been an increase in stability.

“When I was starting out there was still uncertainty about the legal aspects of fantasy sports, licensing issues and the fantasy sports carve-out in the Internet,” he said. “Since I came aboard, we have seen the Humphrey ruling, the CDM ruling, and a host of other essential rulings that cement the legitimacy of the industry. That will, in turn, help the industry grow.”

Cleveland will serve through the upcoming winter conference, and FSTA president Paul Charchian said the association would like to find a successor before then.

“Ideally, we’ll have a candidate picked by the time the conference rolls around, so if it’s someone new, they can see it in process,” Charchian told FSB.com. He did concede, though, that such a timeline might not be possible.

The FSTA is accepting resumes for the position, which includes the follow central tasks (per Charchian):

- Communicating with members, soliciting feedback, exploring needs, and building the membership.

- Coordinate most of the logistics for the two conferences.

- Organize key operations and initiatives, such as awards, board elections, web site updates, etc…

- Handle inbound inquiries.

The FSTA executive committee will recommend candidates based on submissions received, and then the board of directors will vote on the new manager.