November 10th, 2010

FSB Daily 11/10: Bloggers Rise, Fantasy Traffic, First Pitch, WCOFF

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

A roundup of items recently posted on the FSB News page.

- Inc. Magazine wonders aloud about the impact of the name change on the company going from Fantasy Sports Ventures to Big Lead Sports. points to the whole thing as a prime example of bloggers’ increasing impact and a lesson to those “bloggers” that it’s possible for them to steer more than just the direction of their content.

- This list of the 10 most-visited U.S. sports websites in September includes three fantasy-games outlets. There’s no way for us to know the impact of fantasy on traffic to other sites, but four others on the list fall within the same domains as included fantasy sites. Beyond that, I know fantasy football sends me to (an eighth listed site) for a large portion of every day.

- provides a video look at the recently completed First Pitch Arizona event, hosted by Ron Shandler’s

- Former Milwaukee Brewers teammates Ben Sheets and Geoff Jenkins have reportedly teamed up on a WCOFF platinum-league team this season.

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