November 1st, 2010

RotoExperts Acquires RotoCommunity

Monday, November 1st, 2010

RotoExperts announced Monday that it has acquired fantasy content site, bringing RC’s staff of eight under its ever-expanding umbrella.

Like RX, RotoCommunity was founded in 2008 — by Dave Gawron, Seth Trachtman and Rahm Narayan — centered on delivering content for fantasy baseball, football and basketball. In addition to more standard-style blogs, articles, forums, etc., the site touted its “revolutionary community draft kit” format, which allowed users to have a say in valuing players.

Gawron’s experience and expertise with such technical aspects of fantasy content was a key component in the deal, RX managing director Scott Engel said.

“Dave is a seasoned fantasy veteran, and he and his team bring many talents to RotoExperts,” Engel said in a release. “His knowledge of Fantasy Sports and skills in ranking and projecting is unquestioned. He can’t wait to comb through the RotoExperts site and enhance the premium products, player databases and statistical tools, and assist in ramping up the form and function of the website.”

Gawron said that the two sites were similar in focus and function, and that he believes his staff will fit in well with and help build out much of what it is already doing.

“My staff will allow RX to expand and enhance their articles, player news, video and audio broadcasts, and premium chat and e-mail advice services,” Gawron told “I already have a big ‘to-do’ list for Web design and development enhancements, and Scott and I are working on integrating my staff into the existing publishing and broadcasting schedules.

Gawron said that one of the first projects will be focusing on developing functionality for the 2011 fantasy baseball draft kit.

“We’ll establish a player database that will let us do all kinds of things with statistics and information flow throughout the site,” he said.

Also on Monday, announced the addition of veteran fantasy writer Dan Dobish to the staff.

“There is not a more well-rounded fantasy writer in the game today, and I know for certain there simply is not a better fantasy hockey writer anywhere on this continent,” Engel said of Dobish, who has worked for outlets such as and OPEN sports.

(RX has offered no word yet on the success of its search for fantasy hockey writers in Africa.)