FSB Daily 10/31: RotoWire, Pickemfirst

A roundup of items recently posted on the FSB News page.

- RotoWire has released the first of what the company says “should be several” Android apps from it this year — the RotoWire Fantasy News Center. The app supplies news for football, baseball, hockey, college football, college basketball, golf, auto racing and soccer.

- KFFL has released a free iPhone app that features the site’s articles, player news and access to its forums.

- Another RotoWire item: The company has begun supplying fantasy content for the Huffington Post - including this item reproduced from the RotoWire “Rotosynthesis” blog.

- Pickemfirst has added the Fantasy Football Players Championship to the lineup of fantasy platforms it supports. The Web application — as noted on this site several times — allows users to instantly check the availability of athletes included they encounter in online text away from their league-management sites.

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