October, 2010

FSB Daily 10/25: Yahoo!, FF Consulting, ‘The League’

Monday, October 25th, 2010

A roundup of items recently posted on the FSB News page.

- Yahoo! has rolled out Android apps for managing fantasy hockey and fantasy basketball teams.

- It’s from more than a month ago, but still interesting: Sports business reporter Sarah Talalay of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel tells us about a pair of fantasy players who have taken on fantasy football consulting duties for friends, as well as brothers who get personal help annually from CBS Sports’ Jamey Eisenberg.

- Thousands of fantasy fans — or just dudes who like dude humor — are into the second season of The League on FX. Here’s a look back on an interview TV.com did with four cast members and co-creator Jackie Marcus-Schaeffer.

- This columnist for The Trentonian points to fantasy football’s predominance as the reason for the ratings edge the Week 6 Titans-Jaguars NFL matchup on ESPN held over the simultaneous Yankees-Rangers ALCS game on TBS. That lopsided Titans victory, of course, ended with a fantasy-altering touchdown run for Chris Johnson that spurred the Monday Night Football crew to discuss the play’s effect on fantasy owners (led by Mike Tirico).

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FSB Daily 10/20: Yardbarker, RotoWire, Small World

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

A roundup of items recently posted on the FSB News page.

- After two years of canoodling, Yardbarker announced Tuesday that it has been acquired by Fox Sports. In a message on the company’s blog, co-founder Pete Vlastelica said that the deal will “accelerate the growth of the Yardbarker brand” and increase the visibility for its more than 800 member blogs while not impacting the operation of those members. Fantasy outlets within the network include Razzball, Fantasy Daddy, Win My Fantasy League, The Fantasy Fix, The Hazean, Fantasy Football Maniaxs and Fantasy Knuckleheads. Another member site, Five Tool Tool, had this collection of top 10 impact points from the acquisition.

- RotoWire is looking for a “responsible, creative software developer” to lead development of iPhone and Android apps (along with any other mobile app programming). The company is looking for someone with “strong knowledge” of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and other sports, and would prefer a candidate with at least a year of programming experience and an “object-oriented programming language.” The full-time position will be based in Madison, Wis.

- Before he became a state representative in New York — currently seeking election to his first full term — Scott Murphy was part of the team that founded Small World Sports, which he and his partners sold to Vulcan Ventures/The Sporting News.

- 16W Marketing, a firm based in Rutherford, N.J., has created a new company in partnership with several athletes-turned-broadcasters that it represents, including Phil Simms and Howie Long. Among the future possibilities, the company says, are “fantasy sports applications.” The focal point for this venture, at least at the outset, seems to be placing its talent in voice/video spots, including content for the Behind the Mic website operated by Sports Illustrated.

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Nerd Connects Users with ‘The League’

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

The Web is abuzz each week during football season with fantasy football players firing questions at their chosen “experts.” Every Thursday night, many of those same fantasy folks tune in to the second season of a show with fantasy football at its core. Now a promotion at FantasyFootballNerd.com is weaving it all together.

FFNerd.com visitors can submit questions to be answered by the cast of FX’s The League.

“The cast will try and have as many of them answered prior to kickoff Week 8,” said Joe Dyken, head nerd at FFNerd.com. “I think it’s a pretty cool way to interact with a TV show that I believe helps bring fantasy football into mainstream America even more than it already is.”

With Week 6 of the NFL season just completed, those interested have a little less than two weeks to submit their questions. Maybe if you get really lucky, Taco will answer yours in song.*

(*Note: Song portion made up entirely by FSB.com, though you have to admit, that’d be pretty cool.)


No More Fantasy Writing for SI’s Jay Clemons

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

It looks like anyone who has gotten used to reading Jay Clemons’ fantasy stuff every week at SI.com will have to get used to someone else.

An altered role for Clemons, an SI.com producer, will have him no longer writing the “Clicks” and “Revelations” columns that won him fantasy football writer of the year honors from the Fantasy Sports Writers Association in January 2009 — following his first year on the beat.

“I’m very disappointed that I’ve written my last Revelations column,” Clemons told FSB.com. “If I had known Week 5 would be the Clicks finale, I would’ve found a way to dedicate more time to my favorite man-crushes, Jamaal Charles and Matthew Stafford (even though Stafford hasn’t played since Week 1).

“At the very least, maybe I should’ve made a public plea to the NFL, begging the league to stop scheduling any more Bears-Panthers games.”

(Consider your pleas made, Jay.)

Of course, the gig won’t exactly be turned over to an unknown. Will Carroll, one of the sports world’s foremost authorities on injuries and a veteran of many content outlets, will take over after previously filling in for Clemons on Revelations in Week 4.

Anyone who would still prefer to get fantasy advice straight from Clemons will have to go bug him on Twitter.