October 17th, 2010

Nerd Connects Users with ‘The League’

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

The Web is abuzz each week during football season with fantasy football players firing questions at their chosen “experts.” Every Thursday night, many of those same fantasy folks tune in to the second season of a show with fantasy football at its core. Now a promotion at FantasyFootballNerd.com is weaving it all together.

FFNerd.com visitors can submit questions to be answered by the cast of FX’s The League.

“The cast will try and have as many of them answered prior to kickoff Week 8,” said Joe Dyken, head nerd at FFNerd.com. “I think it’s a pretty cool way to interact with a TV show that I believe helps bring fantasy football into mainstream America even more than it already is.”

With Week 6 of the NFL season just completed, those interested have a little less than two weeks to submit their questions. Maybe if you get really lucky, Taco will answer yours in song.*

(*Note: Song portion made up entirely by FSB.com, though you have to admit, that’d be pretty cool.)