August 10th, 2010

Dave and Buster’s Reveals SHOCKING Fantasy Findings

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

OK, so when an eatery-gamery (made that up) chain says it’s presenting results from a “fantasy football survey,” it’s obviously a fun ploy by them to get a little attention and perhaps some of that viral marketing that the kids are into these days.

When Dave & Buster’s does this in the form of a serious-looking press release devoid of jokes (at least obvious ones), feels the need to make fun of it.

Let’s start with the headline: “Working Hard? Hardly Working! Fantasy Football Invades the Office”. According to D&B’s scientific study — which I’m going to assume consisted of asking both Dave and Buster, as well as their buddy Jeb — fantasy players spend two whole hours a week on their fantasy teams (which constitutes my entire work week).

Assuming a typical five-day work week, that’s an appalling 24 minutes a day. The official survey found that those same workers average 28 minutes a day staring at pictures of the fatty melt and drooling.

D&B went on to report that 95 percent of fantasy players say their mood is affected by the performance of their teams. In related news, 5 percent of respondents are still taking Zoloft.

Finally, “3 out of 4″ D&B survey respondents (Jeb counts as two) call the day of their fantasy draft “the biggest day,” which even surpasses the Pro Bowl. The other 1 out of 4 represents the dudes who couldn’t find time to at least call in for the draft in The League that their lives center on.

Thank you, Dave & Buster’s, for making us aware of fantasy’s drain on productivity.

(Wait a second. Did they just trick us into promoting their deals targeted at fantasy drafters?)


Summer Sanders Loves Fantasy

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Here are, we’re always interested to hear about pro athletes and other celebrities who play fantasy, especially when the person is really into it. Summer Sanders sure seems to qualify there. recently ran an interview with the Olympic swimmer turned TV analyst and host in which Sanders revealed that she plays in three fantasy football leagues, including an “all-girls” league for which she serves as commissioner.

Is that three-year-old league competitive?

“Oh gosh, definitely,” Sanders told TFG’s Melissa Jacobs. “When I first started, I’ll admit some of the owners weren’t that active, but they’ve been replaced by a crop of women who are super into it.

“I’ll tell you, my 63 year old mother is in my league and she’s hilarious because she used to pick based on loyalty. She’s from Nebraska and you know how Nebraskans are so passionate about their football? Well, she’d pick players simply because they played there. But she’s become wiser now.”

It’s a fun interview worth reading, including the explanation of how she married both her husband and the Buffalo Bills.

Welcome aboard the fantasy wagon, Ms. Sanders. Glad to have you.