August 3rd, 2010

Broadway Joe Takes RapidDraft Stage

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

We all know Joe Namath. He’s the guy who guaranteed his upstart New York Jets would beat the heavily favored Colts and then did it. He’s the guy who became an enduring cultural icon in a game with notoriously short careers and a city that chews icons up and spits them out.

Now, he’s the guy aiming to beat you in fantasy football — RapidDraft Fantasy Football, to be exact.

“I’m excited about teaming up with RapidDraft,” Namath said. “No one does fantasy football like these guys.”

Broadway Joe” is not only the newest member of the RD avatar lineup. He’ll also be taking part in the strategy behind the avatar, a role filled for the other 10 avatars by experienced fantasy sites.

Most of these experts are folks who spend their days studying football numbers, but Namath brings the unique perspective of a national champion during his three-year run at Alabama and a two-time AFL MVP and four-time league all-star over 12 years in New York City. Namath beyond the numbers with insight into factors such as the real impact of injuries, which players have lost a step and how big a factor weather truly is.

Fresh off being named an inaugural inductee to the Jets’ new Ring of Honor, the hall of fame quarterback joins in part to promote his new online venture,, which launched Tuesday.

The site is a social portal that affords Namath fans the opportunity to interact with the legend. At the center is a video blog that will feature several posts a week with Namath evaluating the Jets, Alabama and various other stories throughout the world of football. He also promises to tell many stories from a life that has included stints as a game analyst, actor and variety show host.

The message under the “welcome” banner on the new site reads, “My thoughts on the Jets, the Crimson Tide, some of life’s lessons & much more …”

We’ll be interested to hear what Namath has to say at, and anyone interested in drafting against the legend can do so any time at