July 15th, 2010

AFFL Ain’t Dead Yet

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Suppose you took over a contest that screwed its contestants. You made things right for a year, only to fail to pay your champ the following season. What would you do next?

If you’re the AFFL, the answer is apparently take another crack at it in 2010.

“We plan on opening signups for the 2010 season within the next week. Hopefully, by Monday, the 19th,” co-owner Wade Golab said in a post on the site’s message board Thursday afternoon. “More news will be coming soon.”

OK, well maybe Chicago Fantasy Sports — the contest’s parent company — fixed the issues that led to a lawsuit back in April. (That issue: Failure to pay the 2009 champion.) Or maybe not.

According to the Fantasy Players Association, Jeff Gill has yet to be paid his winnings from 2009.

“In our opinion, no contest which has outstanding prizes from the previous year can be endorsed or trusted by the High Stakes Fantasy Sports community,” the FPA’s statement on the matter reads.

Frankly, it’s pretty hard not to agree with that. How does one sign up to play in a contest that never paid last year’s winner? If we hear any more on this story, we’ll let you know.


RapidDraft Free Mock Draft iPhone App Launches

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

In a boring meeting? Taking a long car ride (when you’re not driving)? Watching Reality TV with the family? Basically — do you need something else to do?

Well, RapidDraft.com hopes you download their new, free iPhone Mock Draft app and then get lost in the fantasy of RapidDraft free fantasy football.

The smart-phone population is growing rapidly, to the point that half of all American cell-phone users are expected to own one by the end of 2011.

The free RD app, developed for World Fantasy Games by Advanced Sports Media, allows you to practice up on your drafting whenever and wherever you want — even if you can’t find the time to sit in front of your computer and mock out a bunch of drafts. Practicing, of course, can only help prepare you for the real thing — whether you’re trying out the full product at RapidDraft.com or meeting up for draft weekend with your friends.

Like the game itself, the app lets you pick your draft spot and select against 11 avatars, so that you can try your hand from various spots using various strategies. A bonus is that if you get interrupted and can’t finish the mock draft all at once, the interface will simply pause and wait for you to resume.

Users may draft up to five times per draft position online, but unlimited times on the iPhone (affording plenty of practice before you take your free shots at the real thing and a $100,000 grand prize). The app also contains settings that make it easier to draft when you don’t have spreadsheets and preview magazines in front of you. Player recommendations make it easier to sift through the list, and you can toggle settings on items such as bye-week conflicts and preferred drafting style.

You may want to check it out as you get ready for the 2010 fantasy football season.