February 23rd, 2010

High-Stakes Baseball Events Approach

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Football enjoys a much larger share of the fantasy market than any other sport, so it’s no wonder that the live-draft, high-stakes football events continue to grow, increase and draw more coverage.

This American moment (just wanted to pretend we were NPR for a second), however, presents an interesting time in the life of high-stakes fantasy baseball.

Baseball, in general, tends to stand much closer to the center of the fantasy stage right around now than for most of the rest of the year, with pitchers and catchers reporting and everyone but Royals and Pirates fans getting their hopes up for shots at the World Series. The “national pastime” is in particular focus right about now for fantasy industry heavies WCOFS and Fanball.

Gridiron Fantasy Sports (the company that owns the World Championship of Fantasy Football) will put on its first WCOFB (I’ll let you figure out the “B”) in 2010. Just like in the WCOFF, the main event will take place in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, high-stakes veteran the National Fantasy Baseball Championship will not only be calling Vegas home, but also hosting events in four other cities. The big change for the NFBC this year, though, is that it will be the first run since Fanball’s acquisition in August. Of course, leaders Greg Ambrosius and Tom Kessenich also went to the new parent company in the deal, so things should remain familiar to returning players.

Here are the full schedules for each set of events …

National Fantasy Baseball Championship live events
March 19-21, Las Vegas
March 19-21, Atlantic City, N.J.
March 19-21, St. Louis
March 26-28, Las Vegas
March 26-28, Chicago
March 26-28, New York City

World Championship of Fantasy Baseball
March 26-28
Las Vegas