August 24th, 2009

Charch Media to Run Best Buy Fantasy Football

Monday, August 24th, 2009

As we reported last week, Best Buy will present a weekly fantasy football game this season, a contest which is being built and run by Paul Charchian’s Charch Media.

Best Buy’s Michael Tubman told that the company wants to use the fantasy game to “interact with our customers” as well as showcase some products.

“This time around we are positioning this game as an engagement tool, a unique and fun way to reach our consumers,” Tubman said in comparing this effort with Best Buy’s 2004 foray into fantasy football. He said that previous edition didn’t last because the company wasn’t seeing “did not see the return on investment we had hoped to see.”

Tubman said discussion about this effort began about a year ago and heated up in late spring or early summer. Just like before, the game will feature weekly contests in which participants fill a roster to compete against celebrity competitors that will be revealed throughout the season. Fantasy players will receive one entry in the weekly prize drawing for every point by which they beat the celebrity.

In addition, a grand prize package will be awarded at the end of the year to the architect of the season’s best single-week score.

Tubman said the celebrities will be representing more than just themselves.

“The celebrities are tied to various charitable causes that Best Buy supports, and they will be helping to raise awareness for these causes,” he said.

Prizes will be provided by Western Digital, Toshiba, Panasonic, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Activision, DirecTV and Logitech, and Titlecraft will present a trophy to each weekly winner. The game will also feature content from

Beyond this contest itself, the Best Buy game represents a continued trend among bigger brands of using fantasy sports to engage consumers — a trend that only seems likely to keep building momentum.