July 5th, 2009

Mission Competition Wants to Revive Dead Fantasy Teams

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

If you’ve ever had a fantasy season disrupted, damaged or even ruined by a single stray owner, you know just how annoying the situation can be.

Some guy (or girl) decides he has no shot left to win and either disappears or decides to get in the way of others by making ridiculous trades or cutting stud players and suddenly the whole league is in turmoil. If you play in a money league, it’s all the more frustrating.

Mission Competition is looking to end that frustration.

“Mission Competition has been in the planning and development stages since 2006, when I started discussing the issue of quitters in fantasy sports with other fantasy enthusiasts,” founder Robert Levens told FSB.com. “Following additional data gathering from league hosting sites and high stake competitions, it became clear that this problem existed across the industry.”

On June 18, Levens launched his site, which offers to step in and take over management of any dead teams in your league for a fee. League registration and single-team replacement options are currently $12.99, with the former running only through Week 1 of the NFL season. Registering a league allows for unlimited teams to be taken over.

According to the site’s “bylaws,” the following conditions make an owner eligible to be replaced:

  • Documented collusion
  • Failure to pay entry fee by deadline
  • At least two consecutive weeks of inactive players appearing in starting lineups
  • Dropping players who shouldn’t be
  • Stating he has quit
  • Obvious halt in team management
  • “Disrupting the league in any other fashion”

For any of us who has overcommitted in a single fantasy season and ended up in 10 or more leagues, it might seem that taking on team after team would be tough to handle before long. Levens assures that Mission Competition is ready for the load, though.

“There is no number of teams that would make Mission Competition’s management burdensome,” he said. “The company is comprised of fantasy enthusiasts who assume coaching duties for ‘dead teams,’ as well as several computer programs that allow us to automate the process with certain league manager sites.”

Levens said that he is also in talks with several league-management sites and high-stakes fantasy outlets about potential partnerships. He said his company is already affiliated with the World Championship of Fantasy Football.

In addition to football, Levens said the company also offers its services for baseball, basketball and hockey leagues.