July 3rd, 2009

Bruno Boys Step Out on Their Own

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

After about four years of delivering its content through other outlets, Bruno Boys Fantasy Football launched its own site this week.

Co-owner Marc Caviglia told FSB.com that he and partner Michael Whooley had grown tired of not having full control of their business, having their movement restricted in areas such as building business relationships and selling advertising.

“Not that it was bad because they funded us, but we weren’t the only decision makers in the process,” Caviglia said.

In August 2005, Bruno Boys entered the marketplace through a content deal with the Most Valuable Network. After three seasons with MVN, the company signed an exclusive deal with Screaming Sports in April 2008 to feed all Bruno Boys content into its Fantasy Sports Dashboard.

Caviglia says the company didn’t initially plan to work toward its own standalone destination, arriving there, instead, as a logical next step.

“After a few years of success in the industry we started to realize this could potentially turn into our livelihood, and it changed our direction and mission statement from just having fun while providing information to: How can we continue to grow, become more mainstream, monetize and serve our customers at the highest level, while staying a free service,” he said. “After a successful 2008 season, we decided the time is now.”

The new site, whose advertising will be handled via a partnership with Fantasy Sports Ventures, is still under construction, but it does feature the 2009 season preview “Webazine.”