May 20th, 2009 Wants Your Best at the Worst

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

As we get ready for 2009 fantasy football guides and draft kits to start flowing, everyone is chasing the same goal, right? We all just want to collect the best set of players. Well, that won’t get you far at

The concept behind the new site is to pick players that won’t put up numbers, at least not good ones. At Stinkball, the best skill-position players are the guys who produce the lowest yardage totals and turn the ball over. The kickers you want are the guys on the verge of getting cut because they keep missing field goals. (Basically, your nearest Gramatica.)

“I am a fantasy football diehard,” said Jason McCoy, founder of Stinkball and CEO of Real McCoy Fantasy Sports, in the media release. “I know there are other fantasy sports fanatics out there looking for something new and challenging to play.”

The fact is, the concept isn’t really new. Football Outsiders has been doing the same thing with its Loser League for at least the past two or three seasons. Where Stinkball does differ, though, is in turning the setup into contest with weekly and season prizes at different price entry levels.

The scoring system does have penalties in place to guard against participants simply populating rosters with guys who barely play, and full scoring rules can be viewed here.

The site does say that scoring is subject to change before the start of the season, and I see a couple of places that could use tweaking. The current setup awards or takes points for team results, which is a mistake as far as I’m concerned. Football is far too much of a team game for each player to be held accountable for the win or loss — especially the farther you get away from the quarterback.

The other key spot is defense. An increasing number of points are awarded for larger opponent yardage totals. The problem is that the higest level starts at 201 yards. Considering that the No. 1 yardage defense in the league last year, Pittsburgh, gave up 237.2 per game, those ranges will need to change.

Of course, this is the time of year to tweak such things, and Stinkball still has plenty of time to work out such smallish items. Overall, it is a different and interesting option for fantasy players.