February 3rd, 2011

FF Crystal Ball Finds Fantasy Football Trader Most Accurate

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

The “ranking the rankers” portion of the fantasy football pie has seen some growth over the past couple of years, and one recent entry announced its 2010 results on Thursday.

FantasyFootballCrystalBall.com (in conjunction with FFSpin.com) tracked weekly position rankings throughout the season and found FantasyFootballTrader.com the most accurate site for 2010.

FF Trader came out tops in projecting running backs, wide receivers and defense/special teams units for the season and also finished fifth for tight ends. FOXSports.com, which came in second overall, carried the quarterback and tight end positions, with FantasyFootballJungle.com placing No. 1 for kickers.

FF Trader and FOX were the only two sites to rank among the top five for each half of the NFL season. KFFL proved tops for the first half of the year, while FF Trader was the second-half leader.

The Crystal Ball/FF Spin contest included 19 fantasy sites.

That announcement comes the week after FantasyPros.com unveiled its top five performers in weekly ranking accuracy as part of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association conference. They were:

1. John Paulsen of The Scores Report

2. David Dodds of Footballguys.com

3. Andy Behrens of Yahoo!

4. Josh Moore of 4for4.com

5. Site rankings from FantasyFootballNerd.com


NFBC Partners Back up with STATS

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

One of the key questions coming out of last month’s Fanball news was what would happen to the NFBC and NFFC going forward. Founder Greg Ambrosius answered that earlier this week site message boards.

The National Fantasy Baseball Championship — along with its football twin — has buddied back up with STATS, which provided technology services for the events before Fanball acquired the contests for the 2010 seasons.

Here’s what Ambrosius had to say in his Monday evening announcement:

“We’re proud to announce that STATS Inc will return as the back-end provider for this contest in 2011 and beyond. STATS ran the back-end software for the NFBC and NFFC from 2004-2009 and is the perfect partner for this contest going forward. More details will come shortly, but we wanted everyone to know this as soon as possible.

“STATS created many of the features that NFBC owners enjoyed in the past, such as an easy-to-use Conditional Bid setup, Live Standings for your league and overall standings that updated your position in real-time data, and a reliable FAAB process.

“We are VERY excited to be working with STATS Inc again and we have every confidence in the world that 2011 will be a smooth ride for our customers. The back-end software is being dusted off as we speak and it’s been tried and tested before. We believe 2011 will be a great season and we have plans for technological enhancements in the near future as well.”

Further details on the events can be gleaned from the message-board threads. Ambrosius said further announcements will follow but that the new NFBC site will include its own draft-room software that will be provided by STATS.

We’ll share any further details that become available to us.