December 4th, 2009

Fantasy in Focus for NFLers Today

Friday, December 4th, 2009

A recent Associated Press story on NFL players’ involvement with fantasy football made the rounds pretty well in the wake of the Maurice Jones-Drew kneeldown that ruined the lives of approximately 40 percent of American males.

The story offered disappointingly few specifics on how widespread fantasy participation is in NFL locker rooms, but there were quite a few interesting or funny little nuggets worth passing along. So, I think I willdo just that …

- MJD’s own fantasy team lost because he took a knee at the goal line to milk the clock in his team’s Week 10 victory over the Jets. Bears kicker Robbie Gould lost on that play as well.

- Matt Hasselbeck benched himself in favor of Brett Favre back in Week 5. This would be a good idea most weeks, but Hasselbeck then went out and threw a season-high four touchdown passes against Jacksonville. (Didn’t he watch enoough film that week to know what a great matchup he had?) Favre, meanwhile, produced just 232 yards, one touchdown and one interception against the Rams.

- Leon Washington hit injured reserve after breaking his leg against Oakland in Week 7 but had yet to replace himself on the roster of his NFLPA team when the article ran. Perhaps dropping himself in fantasy would signal the end of his season even more than being deactivated by his real team?

- It should be relatively easy for you to bench Cowboys receiver Roy Williams, which even he can do in pursuit of a fantasy title: “It’s hard to do, but I’ve got to do it. I’m trying to win.”

- Jones-Drew won’t start players against whom he’s playing for real: “That’s just how you do it. If I had Peyton Manning, I would have to sit him when we play them because you don’t do those things. You always want the best to happen on the field. That’s how it is.”

- For similar reasons, Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis has no interest in playing fantasy in the first place: “I see these guys every Sunday. I’m trying to beat them. Why would I want to sit on the computer and vote them for my team and have to root for them?”