June 11th, 2009

RotoHog-Sporting News Deal Aimed at Enhancing SN Games

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

As Sports Business Journal reported back on Monday, Sporting News has reached a multiyear deal with RotoHog to maintain and build the SN suite of fantasy games.

Sporting News users will still be able to play the same games that they are used to playing on SportingNews.com, and we are working hard to ensure that the best features of those games remain intact in the new versions,” RotoHog business development director Garrett Brown told FSB.com. “We’ll also be adding new features that will make the games more enjoyable for fantasy players.”

The relationship will officially open with the coming football season, and the deal also includes games for baseball, golf, hockey and auto racing. No terms of the deal have been disclosed, but SBJ reports that “the pact is structured as a partnership that includes some base development fees but is primarily focused on revenue sharing.”

The partnership, which followed several months of negotiation, will also seek to extend SN’s reach into social networks and to mobile users — key areas for the present and near future of fantasy game offerings.

“All of our partners and potential partners are interested in ways to connect with the massive number of people interacting through social networks and mobile apps,” Brown said, noting that RotoHog places a strong emphasis on “building games that support integration into these formats.”

Sporting News‘ fantasy games were once built and operated by CDM Sports (now part of Fanball) and then Small World Fantasy Sports. SN then bought Small World in 2000 to create the Sporting News Fantasy Games property.