Your Opinion on College Fantasy is Wrong

I began to merely pass along the link to this op-ed piece from the Los Angeles Times on the News page, but I just have more to say in response than the format of that page allows.

The item, which ran in Saturday’s editions, was written by Maryland university system chancellor William E. Kirwan and SMU president R. Gerald Turner — who also serve as co-chairs of the NCAA’s Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics. This haughty pair used the platform to actually state, “We believe that the creation of college sports fantasy leagues, if unchecked, is a step toward undermining the NCAA’s bedrock amateurism principles.”


Multi-millionaire coaches. A multi-billion-dollar television contract for the main post-season basketball tournament, a made-for-TV event that had to pay millions in damages to the NIT recently for violating antitrust laws by requiring teams to accept bids rather enter another tournament. Conference-specific television networks. Deep-pocketed boosters given special access to teams and players. A tiered bowl system that ensures the more prominent football conferences keep making the big money. Jerseys sold bearing the numbers of popular current players, including on the NCAA’s own website.

And it’s a few fantasy contests that will take the “bedrock amateurism” out of college sports. Give me a freakin’ break.

Maybe college fantasy leagues will also drive college students to begin binge drinking or lead to some prominent athletes getting easier class schedules.

You college decisionmakers have much more important things to worry about. Put some energy into them.


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