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FSB Daily 3/9: WCOFF, Synsport, Baseball Sharks, RotoWire

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

A roundup of items recently posted on the FSB News page.

- Fantasy Players Association president Scott Atkins has a report on late WCOFF payments to 2010 winners, including this quote from co-owner Dustin Ashby: “We’re in the process of correcting a mistake that was made in the processing of player awards. The issue causing the delay has been corrected. We expect the distribution of awards to be completed soon.”

- Many might be unfamiliar with, but this week’s announcement that the site will likely shut down before the 2011 NFL season reminds us of the niches that remain in the fantasy industry and the dedication of those users. Creator John Marino also decries the effect of the big, free league providers.

- Tony Holm and his Fantasy Sharks crew recently launched, which just so happens to deal in fantasy baseball content.

- RotoWire recently rolled out a fantasy baseball draft kit app for the increasingly popular Android phone, which joins the existing iPhone version.

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NFC Deal Just a Part of STATS’ Fantasy Plan

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

We overlooked in mid-February the announcement of Greg Ambrosius’ deals taking control of the National Fantasy Championships from Liberty and partnering up with STATS. It seemed mostly formality for a deal that Ambrosius had already announced at the end of January.

Thanks to a post by Scott Atkins on the Fantasy Players Association website and a Sports Business Journal story from Feb. 21, though, there are some more interesting tidbits worth passing along. Chief among the info is STATS’ apparent plan to make this a mere first step in getting back to consumer fantasy gaming.

STATS executive vice president Steve Byrd told SBJ: “This is a very fertile market and obviously one where we have history, are comfortable with and know well. We don’t have any intention to get into the free, ad-supported space. That’s obviously very well staked out by ESPN, Yahoo! and others, many of which are our clients. But the pay side continues to show strong growth, and we think there’s a way for us to achieve scale there.”

As the report pointed out, STATS played a significant role in consumer fantasy games in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It also provided the back-end support for the NFFC and NFBC before Fanball acquired the events in 2009.

With its majority stake in the NFC, STATS has added Ambrosius to its staff as general manager of consumer fantasy games. Tom Kessenich also joins the company’s ranks as manager of high-stakes fantasy games. The NFC sites have also been switched over.

No specifics have yet been announced about further fantasy plans, but Byrd did tell SBJ that “there’s potentially interest in other assets” remaining at Liberty from the pending Fanball closure.


FSB Daily 8/12:, Pro Football Focus, Top FFers

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

A roundup of items recently posted on the FSB News page.

- The previously announced fantasy football game for Facebook — developed by Kabam (ouch), formerly known as Watercooler — is now live. According to the press release, “Fans who play SI Fantasy Football not only draft the ultimate team, but get to talk smack and socialize with all of their Facebook friends while doing it.”

- In just a few years of being online, has become a well-respected resource for football stats and player grading. The site has now added a dedicated fantasy section, led by the staff from

- The Fantasy Players Association forums have the most recent top 10 rankings of fantasy football players released by the WCOFF folks. Scott Atkins also says the FPA plans to conduct interviews with each guy.

- is looking for some help generating fantasy football articles for this season, including per-article pay.

- If you’re a freelance Web designer looking for a fantasy sports gig, this aspiring site owner is looking for someone to build.

- Procter & Gamble’s “Take it to the House” promotional campaign (a partnership with the NFL, will apparently include a “P&G Blogger Fantasy League,” comprising 12 “top sports bloggers.” If this group has been selected already, there doesn’t seem to be mention of the participants in the press release or on the campaign’s Facebook page.

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AFFL Ain’t Dead Yet

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Suppose you took over a contest that screwed its contestants. You made things right for a year, only to fail to pay your champ the following season. What would you do next?

If you’re the AFFL, the answer is apparently take another crack at it in 2010.

“We plan on opening signups for the 2010 season within the next week. Hopefully, by Monday, the 19th,” co-owner Wade Golab said in a post on the site’s message board Thursday afternoon. “More news will be coming soon.”

OK, well maybe Chicago Fantasy Sports — the contest’s parent company — fixed the issues that led to a lawsuit back in April. (That issue: Failure to pay the 2009 champion.) Or maybe not.

According to the Fantasy Players Association, Jeff Gill has yet to be paid his winnings from 2009.

“In our opinion, no contest which has outstanding prizes from the previous year can be endorsed or trusted by the High Stakes Fantasy Sports community,” the FPA’s statement on the matter reads.

Frankly, it’s pretty hard not to agree with that. How does one sign up to play in a contest that never paid last year’s winner? If we hear any more on this story, we’ll let you know.