FF Librarian Takes a Week Off for Good Reason

A quick check of Sara Holladay’s blog at FFLibrarian.com will make it look like any other day during football season. You’ll find a post with some links to other resources that she thinks are worth sharing for mining fantasy football wisdom.

The difference is, Holladay posted today’s item about eight hours after giving birth to her first child.

She and her husband welcomed their son into the world shortly before noon Eastern time, unfortunately fighting off the urge to name him Anquan or Tamba after the most recent AFC offensive and defensive players of the week.

Congratulations to Scott and Sara, who has been a friend to various writers throughout the fantasy industry since kicking off her Librarian efforts back in 2006. May they adjust quickly to life devoid of sleep, free time and sanity for at least the next 18 years.


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