Di Fino’s Five Tips to Enhance Your Fantasy Draft

With the third full slate of NFL exhibition games upon us, it’s serious fantasy football draft time everywhere. As Nando Di Fino points out in his Wall Street Journal column this week, the explosion of fantasy means you have to do a little more to be prepared these days.

Di Fino gives us five quick ways to make sure that we’re ready …

1. Lobby for an auction draft - Many fantasy veterans will agree with this one for the same reason Di Fino states: It puts every player in play for every participant. You’re not limited by your draft spot. Of course, navigating this style likely takes experience and/or some serious preparatory studying.

2. Decide between analog and digital — OK, so this serves to point out the options available now whether you have a tech-savvy group or folks who prefer the simple things. Pretty cool to see what’s out there, though.

3. Read ESPN.com’s Stephania Bell — There’s no arguing that this injury guru provides some valuable analysis for fantasy players.

4. Learn how to make “queso fundido” — I tried to type out the full recipe for this cheesy, spicy dip from chef Tim Spinner of Distrito in Philadelphia, but my drool shorted out the keyboard. Check it out for yourself (even if you’re a vegetarian and would like to leave out the sausage).

5. Practice against the RapidDraft pros — Di Fino sees value in drafting against 11 experts (a group that includes Yours Truly) before squaring off with your friends. Who are we to argue?


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