What Kind of Fantasy Player Impedes on Your Fun?

I just saw this article from a Bleacher Report blogger who lists six “guys” that he says ruin the fantasy experience with their presence.

The culprits in his eyes: The Guy that Loves the Draft Just a Little Too Much, The Guy that Drafts All Prospects, The Guy that Overvalues People from his Favorite Team, The Guy that Sends Terrible Trade Proposals, The Guy that Picks Up 10 People a Week and The Guy that Never Checks his Team.

Frankly, the only two in that group that annoy me are the Silly Trader and Dead-Team Owner. The waiver-wire vulture is a pain when he grabs someone you had your eye on but tends to even things out by dumping players that turn valuable later. Otherwise, I rather like my chances against the rest of them.

Mr. “A Little Too Much” tends to either be one of us or the person who overthinks on draft day and misses out on some obvious value. Everyone else just makes it easier to win without letting a team go dark. And we all play these games to win, right?

I’m more annoyed by the following individuals …

The Guy Who Loves Trash Talking a Little Too Much — I like trading barbs with leaguemates as much as anyone, but we’ve all probably played with folks who take it a little too far. Don’t get personal, and try to mix in a comment every once in a while that doesn’t center on how great you are.

The Guy Who Points Out Why It was Still Impressive that He Managed to Take Third — No, it wasn’t.

The Whiner — Every once in a while it’s OK to complain about dealing with injuries. Just remember that almost everyone does at some point.

The Bitter Quitter — This is the worst fantasy offender imaginable, even worse than the person who lets a team go dead. This is the fantasy owner who not only gives up on the season but either purposely releases valuable commodities to the waiver wire or makes ridiculous trades with the person they want to help win the league. Anyone who fits into this category should receive a lifetime ban from your league.

Who gets in the way of your fantasy fun?


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