Fantasy Football Times Up for Sale

The company that drew the focus of our second-ever business profile is now on the open market.

“When I founded the company in 2003, my exit strategy was to build up the site to the point that it could be sold or acquired,” founder Greg Bebezas told “At the time, I had the opportunity to get involved in the emerging fantasy industry, and six years later, with the industry continuing to grow and gain mainstream recognition, the time is right for me to move on.”

Bebezas said the duties related to his consulting business as well as family considerations have led him to the difficult decision to part with his fantasy site. He said that he would like to get a deal completed before the coming football season kicks off but, though he concedes that is a pretty tight frame within which to work.

He said that the company has been appraised in the range of $25,000 to $30,000 based on Web traffic and revenue but that he is willing to listen to best offers or sell off separate pieces such as the member database, specific technology applications and domains — which include,,,,,,, and

“The company has many assets on both the business and technology end that offer immediate value to those already involved in the industry,” Bebezas said. “The site has Google rankings on the first two pages for multiple industry terms — including ‘fantasy football,’ which makes it very attractive to other industry companies looking to expand their reach and also newcomers looking to gain immediate visibility without taking much risk.”

(Our Thursday night search turned it up at the top of Page 2 as the 11th link under “fantasy football.”)

Bebezas said the primary proprietary piece of software is the content engine behind the homepage, which draws content from “any news source from around the Web,” sorting and publishing its findings into keyword categories. Other specific information is available via the site.

“When you start up something like this and use a lot of your own sweat equity, it makes it harder and harder to part with,” Bebezas said. “I have to make tough decisions on where I can spend my time and what makes the most sense for me professionally and personally going foward.”

Interested parties can also contact Bebezas at [email protected].


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