Namath Gains Notice for Online Ventures

What’s going on with the retirees you know? Mall walking? Traveling? Perhaps some greeting at Wal-Mart? How many of them are embracing new media and the changing landscape of the industry in which they made their living?

Jets great Joe Namath is doing just that, and two of the most visible newspapers in the country have taken notice — including his involvement with fantasy football.

In a Friday story, Newsday dubbed Namath a “multimedia maven,” pointing to his ever-growing presence on Twitter and Facebook, his weekly appearances on Sirius XM and 1050 ESPN Radio in New York, his partnership with and role in RapidDraft Fantasy Football and, of course, his own site That outlet provides a fan environment with video messages from Namath and opportunities for the public to connect with a guy who ranked among NFL Network’s recently revealed Top 100 players of all time.

“Accepting that change is constant,” he told Newsday. “We need to understand that and not be surprised or whiny about it and say, ‘Oh, I wish it was the way it used to be. We didn’t do that. We didn’t have that.’ C’mon, get up to speed!”

Also this weekend, The Wall Street Journal will run a longer, more comprehensive piece on what Namath is up to these days — still centering on his multimedia involvement (again including fantasy).

One thing that each story points out is how much Namath is enjoying himself. As he told WSJ: “Communicating with the fans, seeing what I see and being able to say it, almost instantaneously? It’s been a lot of fun.”


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