Might Sports Stock Trading Find Mobile Home?

We’ve seen a fair number of games pop up over the past few years that present the public with the opportunity to buy and sell imaginary shares in professional athletes. The latest entry, however, might feature the best fit.

Locus Innovations this week introduced the Fantasy Trader iPhone app, which provides the same kind of functionality mentioned above. Users create a “Sportfolio” of shares in athletes that can be bought and sold stock-market style.

I find it a mildly interesting concept in general, and one that doesn’t really qualify as fantasy sport. That’s because an athlete’s value in such a universe boils down to popularity — either long-term or fleeting — rather than actual performance.

Still, with so many sports-crazed individuals out there, many with extra time on their hands and too many looking for anything other than human interaction, the sports market setup can be a fun diversion — one particularly well-suited for the mobile market.

Buying and selling athlete shares seems to cater to the kind of quick-action mindset at play in iPhone apps. Got 5 minutes? Maybe I can quickly expunge Stephen Strasburg from my Sportfolio.

This differs from actual fantasy sports play in that the latter tends to take much more time, research and thought … at least if you care to do it well and are competing with experienced players.

That’s certainly not to say that fantasy sports don’t fit the mobile format. Everything is moving more in that direction, and any fantasy company out there not thinking smart phone is in danger of being left behind.

The simplistic nature of trading on the hot or not streaks of athletes, though, seems tailored to the app genre.


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