Footballguys App Came Together in 6 Weeks

The iPhone app released recently by enjoyed a strong debut and has engendered a pretty positive response so far. Developing such a product must have taken a decent chunk of time, right?

“The app went from a thought to fully developed in about 6 weeks,” Footballguys co-owner David Dodds told, saying that the thought was first mentioned in March at his company’s retreat to Tennessee. “At that time our guys had no idea how to develop an iPhone app. We discussed a simple news app there and went home and ordered Bruce (Our C++ Windows coder) a Mac and the Apple programming books. He started with the basic examples and caught on quickly.”

The app has a fairly large amount of fantasy functionality, which Dodds said basically serves as a smaller version of what visitors can do on the Footballguys website.

“We obviously had to change some things because of the tiny space, but most of the time we were able to just create a slightly different mini version that displayed the data,” Dodds said.

Although users don’t get access to Footballguys articles, the app does connect you with items such as player news, the daily e-mail newsletter, podcasts and team depth charts. So what does giving that info away to iPhone users do for Footballguys from a business standpoint?

“We think it’s a great marketing tool,” Dodds said. “On our first day as a download over 1,900 people downloaded this app. It shows the capabilities of what we have real well.

“Our eventual plan will be to release a premium version (with slightly more functionality) for a small fee (likely 99 cents).”


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