Scraps League Manager announced last week via e-mail to its users that it won’t be returning its League Manager fantasy platform in 2010.

The message, which went out last Wednesday, alerted fantasy players that their 2009 league and team info would be transferred to for the upcoming season and beyond. The note read:

“Please be advised that as of May 29, 2010 (the “Transfer Date”), in connection with a transaction between NFL Enterprises LLC (the “NFL”) and CBS Interactive Inc. (”CBS Interactive”), the NFL is going to transfer all of the League Manager League(s) (the “NFL League Manager League(s)”) in existence as of the Transfer Date to CBS Interactive Inc., owner and operator of Fantasy Football Commissioner. As of the Transfer Date, CBS Interactive will convert all NFL League Manager League(s) to Fantasy Football Commissioner league(s) and you will continue to be able to participate in your existing NFL League Manager League(s) as part of the Fantasy Football Commissioner game for the 2010 NFL season without interruption.”

CBS had been running’s game anyway, so the transition shouldn’t present any problems in game operations. The biggest question for transferred users is whether they’ll have to pay for the coming season.’s platform was free, whereas CBS Sports charges for league hosting. has yet to  get an answer to that question.

Of course, the underlying question here is what caused the split between and CBS. Neither side has yet provided comment to that end.

What we do know is that will soon be rolling out a new fantasy game. Users can “pre-register” now to receive updates on the launch, but the site isn’t providing any details just yet. will update this story as more information becomes available.


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