FSB Daily 4/25: Kutcher, Silly Little Game, FF Designer Needed

A roundup of items recently posted on the FSB News page.

- When a fantasy baseball documentary gets put on by ESPN, it garners a full review in The New York Times. (We’ll have our word on it as soon as we can get to the official FSB.com viewing.)

- Sports Business Journal reports that Brand Interaction Group has reached a deal with Ashton Kutcher’s company Katalyst to grow its SuperDraft fantasy football event in Las Vegas.

- Freelancer.com has a listing seeking contractor bids from Web designers with experience in doing fantasy football sites.

- The Melbourne Storm of Australia’s National Rugby League was found to have violated salary-cap rules and stripped of premiership status and forced to return tournament prize money. That doesn’t mean a whole lot to most of us in the States, but it could raise questions for fantasy players over the validity of results and whether those results would be changed. Fox Sports Australia, at least, is sticking with what happened on the fields. The situation could be of particular interest for anyone who runs fantasy games for single events such as the Olympics, tennis tournaments or the Tour de France, in which a disqualification after the fact could alter official results.

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