FSB Daily 3/31: Fantasy and Brands, Fanhouse, Malkmus, Javon Walker

A roundup of items recently posted on the FSB News page.

- This blogger, with a stated background in marketing, gives an interesting overview of the fantasy sports scene from the perspective of why it should entice brand marketers.

- Fanhouse fantasy writer R.J. White recently (OK, kinda recently) shared some of Fanhouse’s favorite fantasy baseball resources from around the Web. It’s worth noting when a site feels strongly enough about someone else’s value to direct Web visitors elsewhere.

- There are probably people who have never heard of (or don’t recall knowing) the band Pavement but know lead singer Stephen Malkmus to be a devoted fantasy player. This profile by Chuck Klosterman for GQ gives us more details of the breadth of Malkmus’ devotion, as well as the fact that he’d much rather talk about sports than his music.

- Injury-riddled NFL receiver Javon Walker: I just want to mess up everybody’s fantasy league (in 2010), wondering where he’d come from.

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  1. Matt Bradley Says:

    Thanks for linking to my recent blog post on Fantasy Sports Marketing. I’m possibly writing a follow up as well.

    All the best,

    Matt Bradley
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