FSB Daily 6/24: Partnerships Abound, FSV Goes Social

A roundup of recent posts on the FSB News page.

- YouGabSports.com has signed on as an affiliate site for RapidDraft, the new fantasy football game launched by the company that also brings you this site. RD also now has its blogs and forums area live — including the “Fantasy Island” blog from one particularly intelligent and handsome writer.

- Fantasy Sports Ventures announced earlier this week a new operating unit that will focus on social media. The effort includes partnerships with RotoHog, Watercooler and Sky Social Media.

- The Fantasy Action Sports League has reached a deal with wakeboard company Liquid Force to back prizes for its fantasy wakeboarding offerings.

- Among a group of new partnerships recently announced by HDTV producer Vizio is one with Rallypoint Sports, which provides customizable fantasy platforms for Internet-ready TVs.

- USA Today’s Steve Gardner says that fantasy players can still benefit from looking at what the “experts” do in leagues such as the Leagues of Alternate Baseball Reality.

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4 Responses to “FSB Daily 6/24: Partnerships Abound, FSV Goes Social”

  1. YouGabSports Says:

    Hey, thanks for the mention!

    We’re looking forward to our partnership with RapidDraft, which will allow us to provide our members with a dynamic fantasy football experience, both for this upcoming season and many more beyond that.

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