FSB.com Voted Best New Website

For anyone who didn’t attend this week’s Fantasy Sports Trade Association winter business conference, I’m pleased to announce that FantasySportsBusiness.com took home the prize for Best New Website.

I feel tremendously honored to have seen this site selected from a very strong field, including the decisively moving and attention-grabbing RotoExperts; AOL’s Fanhouse, which has since become a standalone site and added some big-name bloggers; CBS Sports’ highly publicized shift in fantasy college football; and the latest innovation from fantasy sports veteran Paul Charchian (LeagueSafe).

We launched back at the end of July with the mission to give a flourishing industry the kind of coverage it deserves. We strive to uncover, collect and share industry news. We tell the stories of the people and businesses that make the fantasy community grow and offer views on issues such as the role of race in the fantasy market and what fantasy really means for the NCAA. We also want to be a repository for job opportunities and events.

Thank you to all of our readers for helping us get to this point, even if you weren’t eligible for the FSTA voting or voted for someone else. We hope to continue to provide you with the kind of coverage that will keep bringing you back. If you’re new to FSB.com, sign up for our RSS or daily e-mail feed right on the homepage and bring all the important and interesting industry info to you. Facebook users can join our growing group there, while everyone can look for more ways to connect in the near future.

Beyond that, we’d like to hear from you. If your company has some news or a job opening that you’d like to get in front of industry leaders — or even if you just want to suggest a profile subject — let us know via the contact form or direct e-mail. I can guarantee we won’t run with every press release sent our way or follow each profile suggestion, but we’ll take a look at all of them. Of course, if you just think there’s something we’re doing wrong or could do better, we’d certainly like to hear that as well.

Thanks once again for your time and attention. May 2009 see our industry continue its upward trend.


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