You Watch Idol, So Why Not Play Along?

Don’t lie. You know you watch American Idol. It might be cooler to pretend that you hate it, but unless you spend your nights at work or don’t own a TV, you’ve watched some Idol.

It’s OK, really. You can still dislike Randy Jackson. You can make fun of Paula Abdul. You can watch the whole season even though you’ll never even think about buying one of the winner’s CDs when they finally hit the stores three years later.

You can also follow all the action in your Idol fantasy league.

Fanball co-founder and current CEO Paul Charchian told back in September that his Idol league is among his favorite fantasy competitions annually, and as far as I can tell, there are at least four online outlets for anyone interested in playing. has a standalone site and a Facebook presence. offers Idol as just one of many TV show- and celebrity-related fantasy games (and is the site on which I’ll be competing with family and friends this season).

The Idol Schmidol blog claims to be the “original Idol fantasy league” and appears to have a dedicated administrator. There has been no post since last May 22, so we’ll see if things start back up following tonight’s season premiere.

Finally, the show’s official site promises only that games are “coming soon.” Whether that will end up including a fantasy contest or just a video game in which you act as Paula and try to walk a straight line remains to be seen.

If you have another Idol fantasy host site or even just score your own game with friends let us know.


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One Response to “You Watch Idol, So Why Not Play Along?”

  1. Alice Says:

    We play a really fun American Idol game that’s super simple and not time consuming. That’s important to us busy folks! There’s a public game where anyone can join. We run our own office pool with about 50 friends.