Washington Already in the Playoffs

Even if Washington continues down the path that seems to be heading toward and last-place finish in the NFC East, three of its players have already made the playoffs.

Tight end Chris Cooley, cornerback Fred Smoot and kicker Shaun Suisham can thank fantasy football for getting them into the postseason in 2008, where they will be joined by the lone female-piloted team in the league run by Cooley. The women are Cooley’s wife and quarterback Jason Campbell’s girlfriend.

(It’s worth pointing out that Cooley affectionately refers to his kicker — in real life and on his fantasy team - as “Shizam,” not to be confused with Kazaam. I, on the other hand, would’ve opted for “Sweetums.” For the record, Suisham is pronounced “Swee-sham.”)

The league’s consolation bracket does at least boast better names, led by the Chocolate Assassins (rookie tight end Fred Davis) and Lionel Richie Boys (Campbell). Safety Reed Doughty and fullback Mike Sellers round out that group, leaving receiver Santana Moss and rookie quarterback Colt Brennan with nothing more for which to play.

As we previously reported, the champion will take home a trophy donated by Dave Mitri of Fantasy Trophies.


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