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When you survive as a small business owner in a niche industry like fantasy sports for 18 years, you learn enough to write a book. You make good business decisions and bad, and you learn from each one of them. Today, some new entrants in the industry are making very good decisions and others are repeating mistakes made by many fantasy companies over and over again. Why? Because this is a young industry with very little reliable business intelligence available.

If you have a general question, are interested in entering the fantasy sports business, or would like to leverage a fantasy game as a promotional tool, use the form below to contact Jeffrey Thomas (JT), CEO of World Sports Technology Inc and past President of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. Mr. Thomas speaks often domestically and internationally on the topic of fantasy sports and has consulted with a variety of companies and brands since 1993. “World Fantasy Games,” his new venture, creates custom games and custom fantasy sports web solutions for companies across the globe. They operate,,, and a global network of affiliate, white label, and partner sites called the World Fantasy Games Network.

“I play games for a living, but I treat it as a business first.”
Jeffrey R. Thomas, The Business Journal, Oct 2005

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